Tony Wong, MBA

Tony Wong, MBA

Managing Director

Tony Wong wears many hats at Fortis Lux. As Chief Information Officer he oversees all technology for the growing firm. He also grows his individual financial planning practice. Lastly, he trains and manages a team of financial professionals. “I love what I do, and so it doesn’t ever feel like work,” he says. “Being able to contribute to this firm, to my team, and to people’s lives truly makes me happy,” he adds. Though he’s originally from Hong Kong, Tony grew up and has lived in New York for almost his entire life. As a child, he aspired to be in law enforcement, and joined the US military, hoping the experience would prepare him for a career as a police officer. Life would turn out slightly differently. While serving in the first Gulf war, Tony was trained as a bio-medical technology officer. Upon completing his tour of duty and leaving the military, he chose to pursue a degree in computer science and later obtained his MBA. He was working as a director of IT, when he received a call that would change his life. “I was recruited into this business – and I fell in love with it – because the idea of building my own practice while helping people get their financial lives in order really appealed to me,” he recalls. Tony joined a national financial planning firm in 2005, and never looked back. In 2012, he joined the team that would eventually be known as Fortis Lux. As he found his place in the financial services world, Tony felt that he could be of value in many different ways. He helped build a unit that would reach out to an Asian clientele in New York City. He also helped develop a financial planning unit. He always stayed close to technology. When he’s not at Fortis Lux, Tony can be found at his home in Long Island. He likes living close to the water and chooses to unwind by fishing. He’s also held on to his dream of being in law enforcement: in his ‘free’ time, Tony works as a Commanding Officer in the town of Seaford auxiliary police unit for the Nassau County police department. Tony earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from SUNY Empire State College. His MBA is from the University of Phoenix.
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