From Organic Growth to Strategic Acquisition

Powerful Drivers of Growth 

grow exponentially, not just organically

Growing through acquisition

Changing the Way You Think
Developing dynamic strategies is not a linear process; work with a skilled and experienced leadership team to increase top-line growth and bottom-line profitability. Our team aims to provide an end-to-end perspective with fully-integrated solutions for your business growth plan. You want to grow faster, but you're not sure how. At Fortis Lux Financial, we can help you grow your business through organic growth or strategic acquisition.

Today's Challenges

Finding the Right Successor: 51% of independent financial advisors say finding a successor or partner is their top challenge.*

Structural Challenges: 15% of independent financial advisors say growing their business is their top challenge.*

Mechanical  Challenges: 12% of independent financial advisors say the mechanics of creating a succession plan are their top challenge.*

* Financial Planning Association: The Succession Challenge 2018 - Why Financial Advisors Are Failing to Plan for the Inevitable, June 2019.

How to Grow Your Business through Acquisition

The resources for your acquisition strategy


Practice Acquisition Readiness Checklist

Download this complimentary Practice Acquisition Readiness Checklist and learn how acquiring another practice could help you realize your growth goals.
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Practice Valuation FAQ

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions by financial professionals who want to determine the value of their practice and explore acquisition strategies.
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