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Our Story

Fortis Lux Financial was created with the goal of meeting the needs of financial professionals and creating a top-tier platform for their clients. Being a financial professional is not easy, but it should be rewarding. Our business model provides true flexibility and allows us to operate as an independent organization with an open architecture of products and services. Our team aims to help identify the untapped areas of your business through a collaborative partnership while elevating the client experience. We believe financial companies should be built by an experienced team for financial professionals.
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Our Philosophy

We have a simple yet powerful philosophy: financial professionals should be free to do what is in the best interest for their clients. We believe that financial professionals are the best people to provide unbiased, objective, financial advice to their clients and they should be rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

Our Goal

When we created Fortis Lux, we made a conscious decision to develop a financial firm that would embody our philosophy. Through vision, hard work,  and persistence, our team has the expertise, experience and thought leadership to help you achieve your goals.