Felix Malitsky

Felix Malitsky

Founding Partner, President

It’s hard not to get caught up in Felix Malitsky’s enthusiasm for business and for life in general. A first-generation American, Felix admits he has embraced every opportunity available to him. As the founder of the Manhattan-based financial firm, Fortis Lux Financial, Felix had a vision to create a microcosm of opportunity for both the firm’s clients and its financial professionals and support team. He started out as an advisor in 2002 and quickly rose through the ranks of management. He served in leadership roles at American Express Financial Advisors and MetLife, prior to founding Fortis Lux Financial. While leadership comes naturally to him, and he is by temperament a driver, Felix recognizes that the essence of true leadership is service. This belief in large part explains the high financial professional retention rate within the firm, as well as its strong culture.
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Our team is led by financial industry veterans who understand that innovation, support, collaboration, and transparency are key to helping financial professionals grow.  Our collective experience allows us to drive those key components.

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