John Salina

John Salina

Managing Director

John Salina, as the Managing Director at Fortis Lux Financial, embodies a dual commitment: advancing both financial advisors and their clients towards financial excellence. With over a decade of leadership at esteemed institutions like JPMorgan and New York Life, John has mastered the art of nurturing high-caliber financial advisors while also ensuring clients' financial aspirations are brought to fruition. His vision is clear: Empower financial professionals to break beyond potential barriers and create collaborative growth avenues, while helping to ensure that every client's financial future is secure and prosperous. John's unique approach centers on partnering with forward-thinking financial advisors who understand the evolving needs of their clients and are seeking the flexibility, innovation, and robust professional support to address them. At Fortis Lux Financial, under John's helm, there's a fusion of seasoned leadership, insightful business development strategies, a unified team-driven culture, and cutting-edge technological advancements. All of this is backed by one of the nation's most respected financial service entities. Together with John, Fortis Lux is redefining the financial journey for both financial advisors and clients, bridging aspirations with reality.
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Our team is led by financial industry veterans who understand that innovation, support, collaboration, and transparency are key to helping financial professionals grow.  Our collective experience allows us to drive those key components.

It’s through this collaborative, open architecture we aim to create a holistic financial process with a dedicated team assigned to meet your clients' needs through the personal touch of a family-office atmosphere.