Fortis Lux Launches New Financial Services Division Exclusively for Sports and Entertainment Professionals

Fortis Lux Launches New Financial Services Division Exclusively for Sports and Entertainment Professionals

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Fortis Lux announced the addition of a Sports & Entertainment Division, designed for professionals in these high-profile industries. This specialized division will allow actors, directors, producers, musicians, songwriters, athletes, coaches, owners, and executives to provide for their families and protect the wealth they've built.

"We are excited to launch this new division, which will enable us to provide comprehensive strategic solutions for high net-worth individuals," said Reginald Canal, Leader of the Sports & Entertainment Division. "We're committed to helping individuals in the sports, music, and entertainment industries make informed decisions about their finances."

"Here, we are focused on developing financial strategies to help our clients maximize their unique profession," said Gregory Domond, Co-leader of the Sports and Entertainment Division. "Whether NBA or NFL, we run the proper financial game plans for our clients and their loved ones to help them reach their goals."

Specializing in the Unique Needs of High-Powered Individuals

Professionals in the sports and entertainment industries often live large and earn vast amounts of income. While this can allow them to afford a lavish lifestyle, that amount of money comes with unique complications. Those who do not have extensive knowledge or experience with finances, investments, and wealth management can easily fall victim to people who would take advantage of their naivete. There are too many stories of famous and successful musicians, actors, and athletes losing everything because they trusted the wrong person. Even family members have been known to take advantage at times.

The Sports & Entertainment Division at Fortis Lux aims to be a trusted-guide for those who seek to protect the wealth they have created through their creative talent, athleticism, and determination. This division offers a way to serve the sophisticated needs of talented, high-achieving individuals.

Our Goal

The goal of the Sports & Entertainment Division is to provide sophisticated financial planning and management strategies, backed by decades of experience in the financial services industry. Fortis Lux is dedicated to provide seamless collaboration with other professional advisors, agents, and player managers. The division is also designed to accommodate the intense demands of work, travel, and scheduling restraints by offering non-traditional business hours across multiple time zones.

How We Work

Successful performers and elite athletes have incredible drive, focus, and confidence. These qualities allow them to rise to the top in highly competitive industries. In some ways, they are the CEOs of their lives. Fortis Lux aspires to be their CFO, offering the same drive and focus to help them sustain and build on the wealth they have created.

Every professional in the music, entertainment, and sports industries has unique characteristics, earning profiles, and variables. Fortis Lux understands the business side of these industries, including how high-net-worth individuals live and the complexities of managing significant wealth. We take a comprehensive approach to wealth management, helping structure a plan that allows high-profile individuals to concentrate on the commitment to their careers, families, communities, and other obligations.

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