Fortis Lux Announces New Impact Investment Initiative

Fortis Lux Announces New Impact Investment Initiative

The initiative aims to address economic inequality by investing in diversity-focused publicly traded companies

NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Financial services company Fortis Lux today announced the launch of its Impact Investment initiative, a new strategy to address the widening American wealth gap. The portfolio focuses on increasing economic resources and wealth creation for minorities and African Americans.

The Impact Investment initiative will develop investment vehicles to support publicly traded companies that emphasize racial and ethnic diversity policies to empower their employees no matter their race or cultural background.

"Supporting socially responsible companies creates awareness and drives equality," says Reginald Canal, Financial Services Representative at Fortis Lux. "We're happy to be involved in pushing these initiatives forward."

How the Impact Investment strategy works:

  • A portion of Fortis Lux's advisory fees are earmarked to support organizations addressing the issues that stifle wealth creation for African Americans and other minorities in the U.S.
  • Investment strategies and portfolio management will support organizations showing a commitment to racial and ethnic diversity through their policies

Fortis Lux recognizes that issues like paying for higher education, misinformation about student loans, increases in student loan balances, and lack of capital availability for black entrepreneurs all contribute to the wealth gap impacting Black Americans.

The Impact Investment Strategy

We construct the portfolio to provide 100% equity market exposure using active management, investing in select companies with strong racial and ethnic diversity policies that seek to empower employees irrespective of their race or nationality.

Specifically, the strategy seeks to focus on companies that reflect the values noted below and retain attractive growth prospects aligned with the Impact Portfolio's vision of equality:

  • Strong representation of black and/or minority senior executives
  • Companies that have strong practices in black and or minority leadership development
  • Companies with initiatives to significantly increase diversity in their workforce
  • Corporate governance practices are transparent and shareholder-friendly

Fortis Lux is backed by a diverse team that is committed to investing in companies that are socially responsible. The benefits of this strategy go beyond increased awareness and more funding for companies in need. These investments will also change the landscape for greater economic equality while helping clients realize bigger returns.

"Fortis Lux is committed to impact funding, the cornerstone of our business philosophy, and hopes to drive long-term change in racial equality," says Michael Luftman, Executive Vice President - Head of Wealth Management at Fortis Lux. "Adding the Impact Investment Strategy, designed within the WMS Advisor Select Platform, to our offerings will allow our clients and our firm to invest in promising companies that are truly aligned with those goals."

The Impact Investment initiative comes at a time when diversity and equity initiatives are on the minds of many. For more information on the Impact Investment, visit

About Fortis Lux

Fortis Lux Financial provides customized financial services to meet the needs of each of our clients, including financial planning and wealth management services. Our team knows that money is a powerful tool for social change, and we are committed to helping our clients make big social impacts.

"We're always working to close the racial wealth gap and foster economic equality," says founding partner Felix Malitsky.

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